Slow dating for conscious singles : Reclaiming the way people date

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How it all started

From her experienced, having tried various dating apps, she felt that they were all fundamentally flawed for many reasons, some of which were discussed in previous articles (see articles 1,2,3). She also tried speed dating and felt they were rather exhausting and not necessarily fun, nor effective.

From my experience, having been “out of the market” for close to 20 years, the new dating landscape not only felt alien to me but completely unaligned with who I am. Listening to what some friends and peers were going through and all the “rules” they had to follow, I just could not picture myself honestly taking the same route to find a suitable partner.

Although our experiences were different, Cassie and I both felt the same about the current dating landscape: too superficial, too unconscious and too fast. We figured there had to be other people like us, looking for a more meaningful way to connect with like-minded individuals.

But, where could we find them? That’s when we came up with the idea of organizing group dates to attract conscious singles and get them to connect in a more meaningful way. We decided to call those events slow dates.

SLOVVE — Slow Dating event at Assembly, Toronto, Dec 28 2019

Slowing down speed dating

Speed Dating

Slow Dating

Whether it be through facilitated conversations, exploration of important relationship topics as a group, games, self discovery and new insights from them hearing about the experience of the other participants, there’s always something valuable to be gain by our guests from each of our events.

SLOVVE — Valentine’s day event in collaboration with Ask Deep Question at Alternity, Toronto , February 2020

Intimate conversations online

What we found thus far is that even though it’s not the same as meeting people in person, it does help people connect in a more meaningful way based on the feedback we’ve been receiving from our participants. We covered a wide range of topics such as finances in relationship, the impact of age difference, the difference between compatibility and chemistry, and much more.

Through these conversations, some of the participants were able to get a better handle into who they are, and what they are looking for. Some also got clearer into why they might not be ready for a relationship and others gain clarity into why they want to be in a relationship. These fundamental insights were the results of human to human interactions, which is at the core of the service we aim to offer.

SLOVVE — Happy Hours for conscious singles event in collaboration with Ask Deep Questions and musical guest Dee Devan

Redesigning the way people should date

The danger of relying solely on a computer to do most of the leg work for you is that it will put you more and more out of touch with other human beings. When it feels more natural to text a person of interest rather than talk to them, or let it decide who’s the best person suited for you, one can see where the cracks are showing. At the end of the day, a computer may help you find someone but, so far, it cannot manage and maintain a relationship for you, you have to work at it.

Dating is essentially a form of relationship sampling. You’re putting yourself in situations where you get to interact with another individual with whom you might eventually be in a relationship with. The sooner you can do that and the more aware you are of how you come across to others, what you can perceive in them without interrogating them and how you interact with one another, the sooner you’ll be able to find your suitable partner.

Next year we’ll be offering monthly packages to join our weekly meetup sessions. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining and would like to get the latest updates on our event, join our mailing list :

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